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Submission Guidelines:

State the line name the item is from & give the item number from the internal tag (whenever possible).
(e.g. Gangsta Pranksta, item no. 53-74 Capri Pants).

If you have Lippy Catalogues and can provide the *full* details - even better!!!
(e.g. Gangsta Pranksta - 53-74 - 'Rita's Brothers Pants that she wears....')
I may be a Lippy fanatic but I don't know all lines by heart - yet!! ;)

  • Keep images fairly large (pref. over 200x200 pixels). Photos over 500 pixels wide or 600 pixels long will be reduced in Photoshop.
  • I also use Photoshop to enhance images & I do sometimes trim pictures down so that you and your outfit are the main focus.
  • Send as many photos of different outfits as you want but please try not to send too many pics per item. (a front, back & side view is normally enough, sometimes multiple images may be grouped together using Photoshop).
  • Don't forget to include your screenname and/or real name, where you live & your website/MySpace etc if you want a link added. (plus any other info you want to be displayed on this site).
  • Please don't send images so tiny that I need a magnifying glass to be able to recognise something ;-)

Now all you need to do is to e-mail me the photos (or the links if you put them on a server somewhere) to:

  • All submitted pictures remain the property of the original owner.
  • Do not send me pictures you do not own, if anyone claims that the pics are not really yours they will be removed immediately.
  • Submitted pictures will be watermarked with "", this is to help combat picture theft and does not affect ownership or copyright.
  • If there are other people in your pictures, please make sure they are happy for the pic to be shown on this site. (I can always trim or blur them out if necessary, at your request).

Thanks Guys

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