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This is the website where YOU can be a Lip Service model! Yes, that's right! Submit your photos and make this the biggest collection of photos of fashion freaks wearing their Lip Service goodies.

Find out how in the "Submit Photos" section. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me!

Until then, enjoy!
~Slam X

5th May 2009
UPDATED!!! - Lots more NEW photo submissions & other updates.

Updated the official Lip Service links for their website & blog.
PLUS updated the banner & link for the NEW Kill City MySpace.
NEW links - Lippy Addicts Facebook Group & Lippy Addicts Vampire Freaks Cult
(apologies for not adding these earlier!!!)

Shops Page -  NEW stores added
  • 3rd and 56th Street Clothing (UK)
  • Amalthea's Attic (US & Canada)
  • Androm Alternative Store (Other Countries)
  • Gothic Obsession Underground (Germany)
  • Forgotten Saints (US & Canada)
  • Sinnessache (Germany)
  • Morticia (Other Countries)
  • Sadistic Action (Other Countries)
  • Voodoo Dolly (US & Canda)
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    *Please* read the updated Submissions Page before submitting your pictures :)
    Don't forget to sign the newly updated
    Guestbook too ;)

    *** Thanks so much for all for your submissions ***
    Please keep submitting your photos of you in your Lip Service clothing so everyone can see how great you look!!!! ;D

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